Our Competitive Advantages

We know where the Customers and our colleges usually experience problems. We have analysed common mistakes and become a top level service provider.

Why are we a company of choice for businesses?

  • We are reliable.
  • We offer a wide range of services.
  • We assume full responsibility for your cargo.
  • We fully comply with our contractual obligations.
  • We are easy to contact.
  • We hire professionals.
  • We appoint personal managers for each project.

Why are we relied upon by logistics companies?

  • We arrange flow deliveries of consolidated cargo from Europe, US and China.
  • We offer time-sensitive shipping of consolidated cargo (e.g., 4 days from Helsinki to Saint Petersburg).
  • We promptly respond to requests.
  • We quickly define shipping rates.
  • We meet the agreed delivery and registration dates.
  • We monitor each logistics operation throughout all its stages.

Why Expeditor Co?

  • More than 15 years in the market.
  • 3PL provider.
  • Storage facilities in Europe and Russia.
  • Own vehicles.
  • Prompt deliveries of consolidated cargo from Finland to Saint Petersburg.
  • Most effective solutions instead of most common ones.
  • Customer confidence from world-renowned companies.
  • Individually tailored solutions.
  • Representative office in Finland.
+7 812 334-36-11
+7 499 703-34-50
+7 800 555 56 25
Free to call from phones in Russia
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