Outsourcing of international business operations

Expeditor Co offers the following services on international business operations:

  • Expert advice on any requests about international business operations.
  • Assistance in document preparation (you can forget about boring paperwork).
  • Full support of freight customs clearance.
  • Focus on individual needs of our Customers and range of options for successful business operations.

We advise you to use services on international business operations, as they help to prevent delays, which can be caused by different insignificant obstacles. The latter is typical for international cooperation. Our services ensure successful international business operations.

If your company has never been involved in international business operations, Expeditor Co can become your international agent. How it works: we are in charge of FTC implementation. We buy the goods from your foreign partner and then sell it to you. Your company and Expeditor Co have only to conclude purchase/sale agreement.

If you work with us, you:

Save time and money both on permission to effect international business operations and further regular book-keeping.

  • Avoid custom duties difficulties, certification, permissions, etc.
  • Have no need to tie up money for advance customs payment.
  • Have no need to staff up and find certain experts.
  • Can involve company employees in other activities to meet your important needs.
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