Commercial Representative

Commercial Representative Service

For the companies engaged in international business we offer our Commercial Representative service. If you want to purchase goods directly from the manufacturers worldwide we can act as your agent.

Expeditor Co can also act as Commercial Representative for foreign companies with a view to enter the Russian market. Our customer relationship solutions will help you communicate with customers in Russia.

Commercial Representative — your good business deal

Eximex Finland Oy is our official representative office in the European Union that gives us the flexibility to provide practical and cost effective solutions to our Customers. Here are the advantages of our Commercial Representative service for you business:

  • You skip dealing with Russian representative offices of foreign companies and purchase goods from our Russian company in roubles.
  • You no longer need to carry on international commercial operations yourself – concentrate on your business.
  • You save on procurement, logistics and transportation costs.

Expeditor Co works with legal entities and individual entrepreneurs. Acting as your Commercial Representative we take care of all stages of procurement, logistics, customs clearing, taxation and international business operations.

In case you are not comfortable with the prices and delivery times offered by an authorized distributor of any foreign company, we can assist you in purchasing the goods from a manufacturer in Europe, deliver such goods in due time and sell them to you in roubles.

Expeditor Co is a member of MATEO, the Procurement Project Management Association responsible for procurement of imported manufacturing equipment. Together with our partners we arrange the selection, supply, commissioning, staff training and maintenance of such equipment items.

How does Commercial Representative Service work?

  1. Our European representative Eximex Finland Oy purchases the necessary equipment from abroad;
  2. We deliver the equipment to Russia in due time using the most efficient transport corridors and customs clearing procedures;
  3. We sell the purchased equipment to you. You pay in roubles, European VAT exclusive.

As the purchasing and supply chain is controlled by Expeditor Co, we can ensure prompt delivery and significant costs reduction for our Customers.

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