Consolidated cargoes

Сборные грузы

Major activities of Expeditor Co are focused on the following destinations:

  • Europe,
  • Canada and the USA,
  • China,
  • Finland,
  • Lithuania,
  • Germany,
  • Estonia,
  • Poland.

Advantages of grouped shipment

Expeditor Co delivers consolidated cargoes from any region of Europe, the USA and Asia. Small freight delivery is carried out through goods combination. It means that the goods can be bought either at one or at different locations before being combined in consignment. Then, all the goods are sent together. This option is on the rise in business environment. With us every businessman has an opportunity to order all necessary goods freely in almost any country around the globe. We are able to confirm paper work as well as control the delivery. We can also assume foreign trade activities, if our Customer has such wish. Logistics company Expeditor Co often ships consolidated cargoes from its own storage facilities. Our company owns storage facilities in several cities. Grouped shipments are carried out at least twice a week, but usually we have more deliveries during the week. We can provide fast freight shipments due to the number of regular customers, office in Europe and publicity.

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