Financial Service

Expeditor Co offers cash flow management services.

Expeditor Co Financial Service contributes to running a successful business

We provide the following financial services to our Customers:

  • leasing,
  • factoring,
  • trade financing.

If you feel the need for equipment upgrade, leasing can be a great opportunity to restore and increase the potential of your company. We have experience in working with leasing companies. Our tripartite agreements really work.

When dealing with counterparties Expeditor Co enters into factoring agreements. Factoring solutions can be very effective for small enterprises and start-ups. Due to no need for security and a 100% intended use of funds this service is getting more popular.

For our regular Customers we have trade financing solutions in place.

Expeditor Co — a financial partner that keeps your money safe

Cross-border settlements are part of import transactions. Expeditor Co is working to ensure cash flow safety. We transfer money using banking service and alternatively through our European representative office Eximex Finland Oy that can make international payments. We consult with our customers in order to find individually tailored solutions for each particular financial transaction.

Expeditor Co works with legal entities and individual entrepreneurs. If you are not running international business operations yourself, we will provide you with complete foreign trade transactions support. Use our international business outsourcing service and enjoy our turnkey supply solutions. As your importer Expeditor Co enters into agreements with international companies directly and then, as the owner, imports goods into Russia and sells them to you using TORG-12 unified form.

This way we take care of your financial transactions and you can purchase imported goods avoiding foreign currency transactions and foreign tax payments which is very convenient.

Run your business with Expeditor Co services. We will both ship and register your cargo and assist you with financial issues.
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